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Stop asking about the current salary
Start making competitive offers
With our Chrome Extension, you can discover candidates’ compensation estimates right in the browser
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Currently works only forr Software Engineers in the US
Currently works only for Software Engineers in the US
Why do you need to use Estim8?
Optimize your recruitment funnel
Our service will let you focus only on candidates that match the compensation package you offer instead of wasting time chasing ones that don’t
Improve both your professional and your company’s brand
No insulting salary offers - no more hard feelings from candidates. Show your deep industry expertise without any additional time spent
Bypass salary history ban
More states are banning employers from asking candidates' salary history. Avoid this topic completely by using our product
Candidate satisfaction
How it works
We collect data points for compensation packages across the whole web
Software Engineer
If the data for a particular company is available we normalize and split it between levels-experience
Finally, the data is conveniently presented as a browser's sidebar on Linkedin public profiles
Otherwise, machine learning models come into play and fill in the blanks with compensation estimates
No More
"I’m not a mind reader and I’m tired of guessing candidates’ salary preferences"
Derek Altman, Senior Tech Recruiter
"Oh, don’t waste my time. Please do your research next time"
Maria Yang, Software Engineer
"Why is the salary so lowball?"
Tommy Adamson, Senior SDE
"This offer is an insult to me"
Miranda Gilmore, SWE III
"You definitely have lack of market awareness"
William Reed, Frontend Developer
"Really? Have you at least tried to google how much I make right now?"
Naya Patel, Scala Developer
"Hello, Candidate. Please indicate your salary range"
Amy Moore, IT Talent Sourcer
"More work. No bennies. $30k less pay. Great offer, thanks"
Justin Shepherd, Python Engineer
Stop guessing
Stop guessing
Stop guessing
Start hiring
Start hiring
Start hiring
Currently works only for Software Engineers in the US
Get Chrome Extension
Get Chrome Extension
Is it free? I don’t see the pricing
It is free. However, usage is limited. We’ll contact you when you hit the limit and most likely extend the free use.
Does it work on all LinkedIn profiles?
No, now it works for Software Engineers in the USA only. We are planning to add other titles and locations later on.
Why only Software Engineers in the US?
We had to start from something particular, you know. The market for software engineers is still hot (despite all the tech layoffs) so we decided to start from it. Once we make our estimates as perfect as possible, we’ll move on to other markets.
Can I rely on your data? Is it accurate?
Unfortunately, we do not have oracles in our team. But our brilliant engineers were able to create an algorithm that estimates compensation packages as precisely as possible. There are 3 certainty levels displayed in the extension. Green means we are “quite certain” in our estimates. Yellow means “somehow certain” and Red means “Not so sure, but keep the number in mind”.
How we handle personal data and compliance
We don't collect and store candidates' data for our extension, so personal data regulations don't apply to our service. Instead, we show you dynamic salary estimates based on public data and computed via our ML algorithm.
Does it work on LinkedIn Recruiter / Lite versions?
Unfortunately not. Currently, it works only on public LinkedIn profiles. We’ll release other options soon.